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One of Kentucky’s premier Saddlebred facilities.

Owned and operated by Greg and Nicole Reason, Showtime Saddlebreds features a full-service facility offering training, lessons and sales.



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for 2015

March 20-22 Cloverdale IASPHA, Cloverdale, IN ACADEMY                                                                  April 9-11  KY Spring Premier, Lexington, KY ACADEMY                                                                        April 22-25 River Ridge Charity, Columbus, OH                                                                                     April 23-25 Southern Saddlebred Spring Fling, Murfreesboro, TN ACADEMY                                  May 7-9 May Classic, Shelbyville, KY ACADEMY                                                                                     May 27-30 Indianapolis Charity, Indianapolis, IN ACADEMY                                                             June 2-6 Rock Creek, Louisville, KY                                                                                                           June 10-13 Shelby County Fair, Shelbyville, KY                                                                                 June 17-20 Chattanooga Charity, Cleveland, TN ACADEMY                                                                 July 6-11 Lexington Junior League, Lexington, KY                                                                                   July 21-25 Ohio State Fair, Columbus, OH                                                                                              July 29-August 1 Shelbyville Horse Show, Shelbyville, KY                                                                    August 23-29 KY STATE FAIR, Louisville, KY                                                                                            September 8-12 All American Horse Classic, Indianapolis, IN                                                            September 25-26 Rock Creek Novice and ACADEMY Championship Horse Show                          September 30-October 3 KY Fall Classic, Lexington, KY ACADEMY                                                    October 7-10 Alabama Charity, Decatur, AL ACADEMY                                                                       October 30-November 1 National ACADEMY Finals, Murfreesboro, TN                                           November 10-14 American Royal, Kansas City, MO

See Nicole or visit the contact page for more information.

These events are exciting and fun! We hope to see you at the shows, camps and 4H meetings. There is something for everyone so please join us and be a part of our Showtime family!


Most photos shown are courtesy of www.korffimages.com